Study of the Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery
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STAR Data User Agreement

By submitting this form, I agree to all of the following:

I will only use the STAR data for research purposes.

I will not share the STAR data with any users, including collaborators, other than my own research staff.

I will not attempt to identify any individual, household, community or facility.

I will not attempt to link STAR data to any other data about individuals, households, communities or facilities.

I will inform the STAR team of any publication that uses STAR data when it is accepted for publication and provide an electronic link to the article when it is published.

SANCTIONS: If the data are used in ways that are prohibited by this agreement, the incident will be reported to the authorities at your institution including the office that is responsible for scientific integrity and misconduct and to the person listed below who is responsible for the data use.

Information about the person submitting the request:


Information about the person responsible for data use:

(students should list their faculty advisor)


After you submit this request form, the person responsible for the data use will receive an email with a link to an additional agreement form. When that person has agreed to and submitted our data use agreement form we will review your request to use the STAR data.